Alumni Awards

Awards are given to the Best Alumni for the year, on evaluation of their contribution towards the association, guiding projects to the current students, contributions to his current (and past) company, and contribution to the society or in case of any special achievement. This award is given during the Annual Day function in June every year.

The recipients of the awards in the past years are as follows:

Best Alumni Awards Till Date

Sr. No Name Company Name Year of Award
1 Senthilnanthan TML 2010
2 J Megavanan Bajaj Auto Ltd. 2011
3 Dileep Kulkarni ARAI
4 Atul Gaikwad ARAI 2012
5 Shubha V M&M 2013
6 Ankur Sharma M&M 2014
7 Sumukh Deshpande ARAI 2015
8 Dr. Ashwin Rao -
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