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In line with Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Programs conducted by various universities abroad, ARAI Academy has devised various Proficiency Improvement Programmes (PIPs), to be taught by ARAI, Academia & Industry Experts. PIP gives engineers, faculty and student's knowledge and technical expertise in a wide range of automotive disciplines. It helps in understanding system's view point for automotive design and manufacture, with specific skills in formulating automotive engineering solutions in terms of their function and performance, through optional modules.

Based on the present system in Universities, credits are proposed for each module, so that the graduate engineers can attend various modules and sum-up the credits required for Master's or Doctoral Programs. Participants may also get chance to visit related laboratories of ARAI and get hands on experience. Certificates are issued on the basis of written test conducted at the end of the programme. We also conduct Training Programmes through WEBEX and Domain Training Programmes for Automotive Industry.

Note: ARAI reserves the rights to change the dates, schedule, contents, speakers, venue, etc. for the programme without any notice.

For Further information and registration of Training Programmes, please write to training[dot]pga[at]araiindia[dot]com

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Dr. K. C. Vora, Sr. Dy. Director & Head, ARAI Academy atvora[dot]pga[at]araiindia[dot]com
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