Learning Centre

ARAI, over four & half decades, has provided its design and development expertise to the Indian automotive industry, focusing on the testing and evaluation of components and systems to meet national and international standards. ARAI strives to achieve international recognition in these areas. In keeping pace with the globalization of economy and business, ARAI continues to enlarge its scope of services to meet the requirements of automotive industries around the world.

In addition to utilizing state-of-the-art technology, laboratories and highly-skilled personnel, ARAI recognizes the need to develop a new generation of engineers to meet the demands of the automotive industry, not just in India but across the globe.

It has embarked upon a programme of building up human resources by commencing Undergraduate (UG), Post Graduate (PG) and Doctoral (Phd) program with specialization in Automotive Engineering or Powertrain Electronics. It has tied up with VIT University (Vellore), VEL TECH University (Chennai), College of Engineering (Pune), University of Alabama at Birgimham (USA), Tennesse Technological University (USA), Loughborough University (UK) and Technical University Braunschweig (Germany).