Academics Program

ARAI has embarked upon a programme of building up human resources by commencing educational programme (Graduate, Post graduate & Doctoral) with specialization in Automotive Engineering. It has tied up with VIT University (Vellore), VELTECH University (Chennai), College of Engineering (Pune), University of Alabama (USA), Tennessee Tech University (USA), Loughborough University (UK) and Braunschweig University (Germany).

ARAI has embarked upon a program of building up human resources by commencing educational program in collaboration with Vellore Institute of Technology University (VITU) since 2004. Considering the response from Automotive Industries, the batch size was increased to 50 and some new courses were added in collaboration with other universities as follows:

Brief summary of joint programmes is as follows:

VIT, Vellore B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Automotive Engineering 4 years 60
M. Tech. Automotive Engineering 2 years 50
*M. Tech. (for Industry Professionals) Automotive Engineering with specialization in Engine Technology 2 years 40
Powertrain Electronics 2 years 40
*Following companies have collaborated with ARAI to admit their engineers for M. Tech Programme while continuing their work: Ashok Leyland, Cummins, Eaton, Magna Steyr, Mahindra & Mahindra, TACO-Hendrickson, Tata Motors
Ph.D. Automotive Engineering 3/6 years 10
Vel Tech, Chennai M. Tech. I. C. Engines 2 years 25
Automotive Electronics & Embedded Systems 2 years 25
College of Engineering, Pune M. Tech. Automotive Technology 2 years 36
Alabama Birmingham, USA M. S. Mechanical Engineering  with Automotive Engineering Emphasis 2 years
Tennessee Tech, USA M.S. Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Engineering Emphasis

The first year of study is at respective universities and the second is at ARAI, Pune. The purpose of this program is to create a new breed of post graduate engineers with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to meet the needs of modern automotive engineering.

At all the academic institutions, semester pattern (15 weeks long term, usually 100 working days per semester) is followed. An academic year consists of two semesters. The Fall (Odd) Semester begins in June and the Winter (Even) Semester in December. The academic schedule mentioned in the academic calendar will be strictly followed.

Qualified faculty members who are assigned with various theory/practical subjects prepare course plans using the standard format provided by the institute with emphasis on 'learning' of the students. The instructional or lecture delivery of the faculty will be through a set of Educational Technology / Tools opted by the faculty. The lectures lay emphasis on the following:

  • Knowledge content (topics in the curriculum)
  • Utility value - application in real life
  • Latest developments

The classroom sessions will be interactive and will encourage the students to think independently and inspire their creativity. The faculty will ensure that the students in the class have assimilated the content projected. High level of discipline will be maintained in the classroom. The faculty members are empowered to curb any disturbance and ensure that the time is used fruitfully. To this effect, students are expected to maintain decorum and refrain from causing any disturbance in the classroom.

VITU B.Tech Mechanical with specialization in Automotive Engineering Approx:  Rs. 1,55,000 + Others p.a.
VITU M.Tech (Automotive Engineering) Approx: Rs. 1,53,000  + Others p.a.